Hi guys, today we are going to introduce a very useful app for you. One of the attractive feature of this app is it is like " all in one " which means this app include the features of many different types of apps. We can also say that this app is a set of many different apps and it's functions.

The name of the app is " file gallery " . Do you think that this is a gallery application which will help you to see the photos and videos in your smartphone.

That's also right. But the features of this app is not only that. But also like I said this app provide the features of more apps in it.

By using this app you can able to 

1) View the photos in your gallery

2) Watch the videos in your gallery

3) Hear the audios 

4) See the application files in your smartphone

5) See the documents and pdf files in your smartphone.

Do you know why this app is so special. Because, suppose if you want to see the document, audio, photo, video of a same subject in your smartphone, you must want to open four different apps. But in the case of this app, you just want to open this app for all those features.

This app is also a best choice for many people who own old type of android smartphones having low internal storage. Because people who own such type of smartphones didn't able to install many more apps in their smartphone. But don't worry. Now you can uninstall the external pdf reader, gallery, audio player or music player, video player app from your smartphone. Because this app contain all above mentioned features. One of the other attractive fact of this app is it's size is below 1mb. So like i said above anyone who own a old type of android smartphones having low internal storage can also able to install this app in their smartphone very easily by uninstall the seperate apps of all such features. It is according to your intrest.

So this is really a needful app for all android smartphones. Like i said above this app will help you to speed up your actions in the smartphones. It will prevent you from wast your time on smartphone by providing fast features. So anyway try this app and post your feedback regarding this app.

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