How are you ? Hope you are going good.
Today iam going to introduce an application which is useful only for a particular people. Are you condused now ? Do you want to know which type of app is this ? Don't worry. Let me introduce the app for you.
The name of the app is " bikayi " . Do you understand anything while you see the name of the app.

This application is for creating an online shop for free. Now a days there are many such apps. But many awesome features of this app makes it as a special.
From this app you can able to do following things 

* Create an online store with a website 
* Create catalogues
* Add products to the catalogue
* Provide price, quantity, variants e.t.c.
* Add product images

From this app you can also able to add a custom domain for your online store's website. If you want to receive payment through online, you can also able to do that through the payment settings.

If any enquiries will receive through your website, you can able to see it in the app.
You can also able to add staffs to the app. By doing this your staff can easily able to recognise the orders and deliver it very easily.

This app also have the features like
* Desktop version
* Facebook shop
* Automated whatsapp message
* Excel upload
* Bussiness profile
* Business card
* Customer reviews
* Refferal programme

You can also able to manage the order status like ordered, delivered, e.t.c from this app. At each time of the updates, the customer will recieve a text message.
You can also able to send the bill of the order to the customer.

This application is really an useful one for many people in the business sector who are searching for an online shop app for their business.

So if you are intrested with the mentioned features, try this app now and share your experience.

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