Hi dear readers, today iam going  to introduce an entirely different app and also it's really an useful one. Iam definitely sure that this really  a helpful app for everyone who use a smartphone. The name of the app is " disk digger " . The main aim or feature of this app is recover the deleted photos from your smartphone. You may familiar with this Tue of app. But in the case of " disk digger " , it is entirely different and user friendly app.

Many people delete many photos from their smartphone. This is due to many reasons like low internal storage or it may be unusual. Anyway if you need any deleted photo after many time, what will you do ? .It is really a difficult situation. You know that recovering deleted photos from your smartphone is an imposible matter.

But don't worry. This app will help you to solve the problem very easily. That means you can able to recover the deleted photos from your smartphone by using this app in your android smartphone. You didn't want to root your smartphone for use the basic feature of this app.

For recover the deleted photos using this all, choose the scanning option. When it become completed, you can able to see the deleted photos. You can download into any location in your files. 

If you didn't what the photos anymore, you can able to delete it permanently from this app.

I repeat that this is really an useful app. If you want to recover any important photos or the photos which keep your memmory happier from your smartphone, install this app and recover it now.


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