Hi friends, today iam going to introduce a very useful and entirely different app for you. The name of the app is " lingo tube " . This app will help  you to learn different languages in a different way. But it quiet easier than other ways. Using this app you can able to learn different languages through this app with different video assistance. 

You will also get the assistance of subtitles of the selected languages below the video from this app.

You can also able to select your native and foreign language for learning. This app also provide different types of videos which including the topics of different learning steps and methods of the particular foreign languages
Iam definitely sure that you can able to learn all languages very easily if you watch the  videos of this app.
If you want to learn any foreign language,what will you do ? You may join in any paid online or offline classes, right ?. But if you use this app you doesn't want to pay for learn the selected language. This app will also provide better classes which is really easier.
This app also support the features like,
Control playback speed, google translated subtitles, use of dictionaries and translations, edit bookmark and share subtitles, you can merge subtitles into complete sentences, provide catalogue for learners.
If you are intrested with the features of this app, try this app and post your comment after use the app. 

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