Hi guys, today iam going to introduce a very useful app for you. Iam definitely sure that you may not see such an app before. The amme of this app is " transparent widget ". This is really an awesome app which will help you to apply invisible widgets on your screen. By doing this you can able to keep an empty page on your home screen to enjoy  an awesome background.

With the help of this transparent widget app you can able to to see your awesome wallpaper and you can also able to add multiple pages to your home screen.

The important features of this app are, it will help you to add an empty page in your home screen, to see and enjoy the home screen completely, to prevent new apps from adding to the places where you want to leave blank, to add calendar to transparent widget e.t.c.

Through this app you can also able to create fully transparent widget. It will help to make a blank screen on the launches like Google launcher, trebuchet and many more.

This app slo support some other useful features. With the help of these using double tap you can able to enable some features like open any app, lock screen, toggle flash.

Don't forget to try this app in your smartphone if you want to experience the entirely different features of this app.


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