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Automatic notification clearer app for android

Hi guys, today iam here to introduce a very useful app for you. Before that i want to tell something to you. It is definitely sure that all of you have your own smartphone. People who didn't own atleast a single smartphone is very rare now. So while you use your smartphone you will definitely use many different kinds of apps in it. All those apps are for different purposes. The name of the app which iam going to introduce today is " clear notification " . While you recieve apps in your smartphone especially social media apps, you may receive notifications from it. In the case of apps like whatsapp, instagram e.t.c, you will recieve many message continuously. So how did you see that. Either with the help if the notification sound or seeing it from the notification bar. So you can able to see many notifications from many different types of apps on your notification bar. If you are an user of an old type smartphone or smartphone having low internal storage or RAM, your

WhatsAuto - Reply App Download

 Hi guys, what's up ! Hope you are going good. We all are interested with new technologies and developments in many sectors. If you are an user of a smartphone you must interested in the modern technologies in smartphone. So we introduced many useful apps through this website having a lot of awesome and useful features. Likewise today also iam going to introduce an app for you. The name of this app is " whatsauto " . I think you may not understand anything while you see the name of this app. But don't worry. I will help you to understand more about this app and it's features and also how it become an useful app for people who use smartphone. Like i mentioned above majority of the people use atleast a single smartphone now. And majority of them must use atleast a single social media app. You use social media apps for chat with your friends, family members and with some  other people. So sometimes you want to send a same message or gave reply  to many people. If yo

4K wallpaper with Extra ordinary effects and features

 Hi guys, what's up ! Do you have a smartphone ? Then you must want to read this article completely. Do you know why ?  Because the app which iam going to introduce today is a useful one for all who own a smartphone. While you using your smartphone, you may apply different kinds of wallpapers in it. Your smartphone have some default wallpapers. You Can also able to choose it or you can also able to apply the photos in your gallery or any other photos as your wallpaper. Do you know what is the importance of a wallpaper in a smartphone ?  Do you think that the wallpaper is just for a fun ?  If you think like that or your concept about wallpapers is like that, i will said that it is completely wrong. Because a wallpaper provide you many things in your smartphone and it is also influence your smartphone using and also your personal life ?  Do you want to know how it works ? I will tell you that. Majority of the people who own a smartphone must take their first look at morning to their

VN, The Best Video Editor App for Android and PC

 Hi guys, what's up ! today iam going to introduce an extra ordinary app for you which contain many useful features. Actually we introduce this app for those who love video making and editing. Some people have a craze in video shooting and editing. If you think that it is s simple work,you are wrong then.  Do you know why ? It is definitely a skill. Because while shooting and editing a video there are somany things to take care of.  Because the each and every factors in a video making help it to make it as an awesome video.                                                      So guys, the name of this app is just " VN " . This app will help you for that. This application contain almost tools and features which a video editing software want.  We only introducing very useful and awesome apps for you through this website. Likewise this app is also an extraordinary one for many people. This app is also an useful one for the video creators like youtubers. We can also say that

Play Youtube On off screen

 What's up guys, today iam going to introduce such an entirely different application for you. The name of the app is " screen off keep playing " . Do you understand anything about this app while you see the name of the app ? I think someone got a small idea about this app. But don't worry. I will describe all about this app and it's features. It is a common problem of many smartphones that the battery is draining highly while playing any games or watching offline videos or youtube videos. Due to this problem many people were unable to spend on youtube for important matters also. Because their smartphone will get heated and battery become low in a shoer period of time. But don't worry. This app will help you to solve this problem. You know that the above mentioned problem happen because of the continuous worko g of your smartphone.  But if you install this app you can able to play any videos on youtube or from some other apps like gallery by off your smartphon

DM ME APP - All your chats in one app

 Hello guys, what's up ! hope you are going good. Today iam going to introduce an awesome app for you and the features of this app is really interesting and useful. Iam definitely sure that all people who own a smartphone must want to install this app because like I mentioned above the features if this app will really help you. I think you didn't understand anything now about the app which we are going to introduce today. The name of the app is " DM me " . Do you understand anything about this app when you see the name of the app. But.don't worry. I will help you to find more details about the features of this app. Almost all the people who own a smartphone use the social media apps like whatsapp, facebook, messenger, instagram, telegram, signal e.t.c. So when there is more contacts in your contact list and all of them use different type s of above mentioned apps what will you do ? Suppose if you want to send an urgent message to anyone and you search his / her n

Touch Lock - Touch protector / Screen touch lock

 What's up ! Hope you are going good. We all know that the world of apps conquered the world of technology now. Now a days you can able to see apps for almost all type of technological things. People use apps for many purposes in their daily life like browsing, watching useful videos, buying products, chating, designing, capturing and editing photos e.t.c. From this we can understand that apps are the part of the daily life of each and every human being who use a smartphone. So when we install an app we must consider it's features like is it a useful one ? What are the features of particular app ? Is that app is compitable with your smartphone e.t.c. Likewise we know that which are the best useful apps for our readers. And that is what is we introducing through this website. So today iam going to introduce a very useful app for our readers. The features of this app are really mind blowing. The technology used in this app will help you in many different situations. The name of t