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DM ME APP - All your chats in one app

 Hello guys, what's up ! hope you are going good. Today iam going to introduce an awesome app for you and the features of this app is really interesting and useful.

Iam definitely sure that all people who own a smartphone must want to install this app because like I mentioned above the features if this app will really help you.

I think you didn't understand anything now about the app which we are going to introduce today.

The name of the app is " DM me " . Do you understand anything about this app when you see the name of the app. But.don't worry. I will help you to find more details about the features of this app.

Almost all the people who own a smartphone use the social media apps like whatsapp, facebook, messenger, instagram, telegram, signal e.t.c.

So when there is more contacts in your contact list and all of them use different type s of above mentioned apps what will you do ? Suppose if you want to send an urgent message to anyone and you search his / her name in whatsapp. But you can't able to find it. That means that person doesn't use whatsapp. They may use any other alternative apps. So it is difficult to find it and send message to them.

But of you install this app and use it you can easily able to find the app which they use and send message to them. This all show the apps which they use.

So this app will help you to save your time and also send any urgent message very fastly. After selecting the app near the contact from this app, you will be redirected to the selected person's chat in the selected app.

Try the features of this app now and don't forget to post your feedback below this article.


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