What's up guys, today iam going to introduce such an entirely different application for you.

The name of the app is " screen off keep playing " . Do you understand anything about this app while you see the name of the app ? I think someone got a small idea about this app. But don't worry. I will describe all about this app and it's features.

It is a common problem of many smartphones that the battery is draining highly while playing any games or watching offline videos or youtube videos. Due to this problem many people were unable to spend on youtube for important matters also. Because their smartphone will get heated and battery become low in a shoer period of time.

But don't worry. This app will help you to solve this problem. You know that the above mentioned problem happen because of the continuous worko g of your smartphone. 

But if you install this app you can able to play any videos on youtube or from some other apps like gallery by off your smartphone's screen or display. That means if you only want to hear a song, speech, interviews e.t.c from the apps like youtube, you doesn't want to see the background of particular video. In such cases this application is really a helpful one for you. That means you can able to hear such things  by off your screen and it will help you to reduce the heating and the battery draining. This feature is like you hear a MP3 song from your smartphone. For enable this install this app using the given link. After that open the app and provide necessary permissions. Then you can able to see a notification on notification bar. Click it on or  the chat head ( enable it from the app ) to activate this feature. If you want to disable this feature you just want to double click on the screen.

Try this app if you are interested with the features of this app.


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