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Whatsapp analyser application

  Whatsapp Analyser application Hello friends, there is very rare people who own whatsapp. The people who didn't use whatsapp didn't have a smartphone. But maturity people have atleast a single smartphone. So we can easily just that majority of the smartphone users are also also whatsapp users. So today I am going to introduce an application which is really an useful one for all the people who use the social media application whatsapp. The features of this application which help the whatsapp users are entirely different and it is also very surprising. Because you may not see this feature before. So for understanding more about this application and its awesome features read this article completely. Whatsapp Analyser This is the first and very important feature of this application. In short I can say about this feature is it will help you to analyse your all whatsapp chats very easily within a short period of time. How to analyse whatsapp groups and chats First of all open this a

Data controller for android

  Hello everyone. Welcome to the introduction of another awesome app. Today we are going to add one useful app to the list of the awesome apps that we introduced through this website. We already introduced many different kinds and special apps through this website. Likewise this app is also a special one. Because this app provide a very useful feature. I will describe about it. So for understand more about this app, read this article completely. The internet / data controller for android The name of this app is " Average data usage widget " . I think you many understand a little about this app while you see the name of this app. If dodn't, i will give you all the details about this app. All of you are internet users. There should be data on your smartphone on everytime. Some people recharge unlimited plans to their smartphone. In such cases there should be a limited data on each day and it should be enough for internet use for sometime. Who can use this app Some pe