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  This is the current viral application in social media. Today we are going to share some awesome features of a very useful application called ' club house '. First of all if you didn't get the notification of our new posts click on the notification icon below and click 'allow ' to get the notification of our new posts. CLUBHOUSE  Clubhouse is a social media platform where the people are able to chat with each other. But there is a slight change between clubhouse and other social media applications. You are able to chat with anyone through the social media applications like whatsapp, facebook, instagram, telegram, signal e.t.c. You may use the different types of chat methods in all these platforms. They are given below. Text message Audio message Video message Photo message GIF message Sticker message All the above mentioned messages are the different types of messages available in the normal social media applications. CLUBHOUSE VOICE CHAT This is where the clubhous