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 This is the current viral application in social media. Today we are going to share some awesome features of a very useful application called ' club house '.

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Clubhouse is a social media platform where the people are able to chat with each other. But there is a slight change between clubhouse and other social media applications. You are able to chat with anyone through the social media applications like whatsapp, facebook, instagram, telegram, signal e.t.c. You may use the different types of chat methods in all these platforms. They are given below.

Text message
Audio message
Video message
Photo message
GIF message
Sticker message

All the above mentioned messages are the different types of messages available in the normal social media applications.


This is where the clubhouse application and it's features can be different. Because the clubhouse didn't provide any of the above mentioned chat methods. That means you can't use the normal chat methods available in social media applications. Bow you may have a doubt that you are able to chat through the clubhouse. Don't worry. I will give you a brief about the clubhouse application, it's features and chat methods.


In the clubhouse application you are only able to do voice chat. But don't consider it as a silly one. Actually it is very comfortable to use and you will really love it once you use this. Clubhouse voice chat is a very cool feature. Because it also provides good sound quality.
You are also able to follow anyone in this application.


We know that there are many different types of applications which provide the conference calling feature. But we are able to find some issues with them. But the clubhouse is not like that. You are able to chat in high sound quality.


First of all we are going to discuss about create rooms


We are able to create three different types of rooms in the clubhouse. They are given below.



A room which is open to everyone


A room which people we follow


A room for people you choose

These are the three different types of rooms that you are able to create.


We are also able to add a topic while creating a room. If the room is social it will help many  people  to join the room which discusses the topic they want.


Clubhouse is not a new platform. It is already there for iOS. But it was released for android recently. Clubhouse invite means you must want an invitation to join the clubhouse platform. But don't worry. Many of your friends may have already installed this application. So you are able to join with their invitation. After you joined helo your friends also joined the clubhouse.

The features of the clubhouse application didn't completed. But I think it is better to join and experience the features of clubhouse application other than giving detailed information.

So that's all about clubhouse application. Install this application from the ' install now ' button below this post.

See you soon with another content.

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